Monday, May 2, 2016

Jeff's Abandoned Tracks, Revisited, was Allied Metal Co.

While studying the abandoned tracks I saw in the parking lot of Jeff's Marina, I learned that there used to be a GM&O/Chicago & Alton industrial spur that went up Grove Street to Allied Metal Company. Satellite images show these tracks still exist south of Cermak. So during my next downtown Chicago field trip, I checked it out.

20160416 2202
Above is looking northish from the end of the street embedded tracks. Note that they curve to the left and go into the barricaded area. If you look at the upper-right corner of the building, you can see the building is For Sale. I assume the barricades are because they are going to do some sort of remodeling.
I walked on up to the barricades to get a shot of the rest of the track.

Then I went back to the end of the tracks and took a shot looking southish. The tracks continued along the east side of Grove Street until they got to the elevated railroad embankment where they turned west along the embankment.

I then drove along the embankment of the elevated tracks. Looking eastish, you can see a piece of the track peeking out from the pavement.

The view on the right is looking westish, and you can see where the branch  climbed to join the elevated tracks. The bridge overhead is I-90/94 (Dan Ryan Expressway). Below is a view even further up the branch's ramp.

Update: here is a picture of the other side of the building that was in the picture near the top of this posting. I do hope they can make that building useful again.

20160416 2196c
The Allied Metal Company is the building in the background of this view looking South from 18th Street Viaduct.
Dave Arganbright posted
It's raining in Chi-town. My photo.
Bob Poortinga Delivery to the BN.

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