Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Whitewater Canal Dam #6


Canal Society of Indiana posted
Dam # 6 on the Whitewater Canal
This dam backed up water that was diverted into the Connersville feeder canal. The feeder introduced these waters into the main Whitewater canal. The dam was destroyed by locals in 1950's
View is East looking West
Location is off Interstate Road south of Milton

Photo - R Schmidt

Canal Society of Indiana posted
Veiw of Dam # 6 on Whitewater River in Apr 2010
Center structure is a fish ladder
The dam was dynamited on the left side of photo

Photo - R Schmidt

This is the only dam I found on the river south of Milton when looking all the way down to Connersville. One can see the fish ladder in the satellite image.

I thought Google's label was on the feeder canal and the main canal was the straight lines along the left side of this extract. But I, and the "feeder canal" caption above, were wrong. After checking some topo maps, I saw that the dam was more than a feeder dam. The boats used the slack pool of this dam and then...
Satellite plus Paint

...headed out across land again just upstream of the dam.
Satellite plus Paint

The railroad that still existed in 1960 was the Lake Erie & Western component of the Nickle Plate. The abandoned railroad was the Big Four component of the NYC.
1960 Cambridge City and Jacksonburg and 1956 Connersville and Brownsville Quadrangles @ 1:24,000

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