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C&NW 16th Street Freight House

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Marty Bernard posted
The Q had only 2 NW1s and I shot exactly half of them. The shot taken August 1, 1963 is from Union Avenue Tower at the west end of the wye south of Chicago Union Station. She was #9200, built by EMC November 1937, and traded September 1965.
Enjoy this old gal.
Marty Bernard shared
Dennis DeBruler
C&NW's name for this facility was "16th Street Freight Station" per the key on this map:

Dennis DeBruler commented on Marty's share
I knew that the B&OCT route went through this area. That would be the tracks near the background in this photo. The photo also shows the freight operation that was north of the mainline. The freight house that would have been on the right side of this photo has obviously already been removed along with many of the freight tracks. The red rectangle highlights Union Avenue Tower.
Marty Bernard: The freight operations were CNW's as I remember.
Dennis DeBruler: I wonder what C&NW called this yard.

Dennis DeBruler commented on Marty's comment
Thanks. I'll fix my notes. I know C&NW was one of the owners of the St. Charles Air Line (25%). I wondered why CB&Q had redundant freight facilities here because the residential units between the tracks and 16th Street east of I-90 were occupied by a freight facility that included a gantry crane.
Marty Bernard: The Barriger picture looks like it's from the south edge of the Air Line looking west at the west home boards of Union Ave. Tower. The tower itself is just out of the photo to the left. In the 1960s the CB&Q yard was not there. A car washer was. Apartment buildings now occupy the space the yard was in. Mark Hinsdale lives in one.

Dennis DeBruler commented on Marty's comment
Dennis DeBruler: The 1915 Smoke Abatement Map confirms that the freight facility north of CB&Q's mainline was for C&NW. And C&NW tracks still go to the river. But the grain elevator those tracks served was gone by 1915.
Halsted Street is along the left edge of this map.

Dennis DeBruler commented on Marty's share
This is the same area today.
41°51'37.0"N 87°38'43.1"W

Dennis DeBruler commented on Marty's share
I think the buildings in the background of the photo have also been removed.
41°51'36.8"N 87°38'43.1"W

Dennis DeBruler commented on Marty's share
I believe this is the southwest corner of the tower's foundation.
41°51'36.7"N 87°38'42.9"W

Marty Bernard posted
IC SW7 1211 taken from Union Avenue Tower, Chicago on August 1, 1963. The view is looking north and a little east. The bridge is the Dan Ryan Expressway. Union Avenue Tower was at the end of west legs of the wye south of Union Station. The SW7 is pulling a transfer on tracks leading to the St. Charles Airline. The closer tracks belonged to the CB&Q as did the tower. The tracks just beyond the switcher belonged to the CNW and the tracks further north belonged to the B&OCT. The B&OCT tracks went east to Grand Central Station. The CNW tracks dead ended there not going further east. The B&OCT and the CNW tracks no longer exist. Many of Mark Hinsdale's photos are taken the other side of the Dan Ryan Expressway near his apartment. 

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