Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Gordie Howe International Bridge over Detroit River at Detroit, MI

(Satellite, it will connect I-75 and Canada-401 north of Zug Island)

It will be a toll bridge. It sounds like Canada is the driving force behind this bridge.

The name was announced in 2015 "in recognition of the legendary hockey player, a proud Canadian who led the Detroit Red Wings to four Stanley Cup victories." [GordieHoweInternationalBridge-chronology] In addition to the bridge, the project includes large port of entries on each side to handle customs. The Canadian side will also collect the tolls.

  • Cable-stayed design

  • Six-lanes: three Canadian-bound, three US-bound

  • Total length: approximately 2.5 kilometres / 1.5 miles

  • Clear span of 853 metres / 0.53 miles - the longest main span of any cable-stayed bridge in North America

  • No piers in the water

  • One approach bridge on each side of the crossing to connect Ports of Entry in Canada and the US

  • Once complete, the Gordie Howe International Bridge will be among the top five longest bridges in North America.

  • A dedicated multi-use path that will accommodate pedestrians and cyclists

Contract Value: $5.7b, Construction Period: 74 months

AECON led the design
It started in 2018 and the estimated completion is 2024.
"This once-in-a-generation undertaking includes a 2.5-kilometre cable-stayed bridge with six lanes (three Canadian-bound and three U.S.-bound), and two approach bridges. The project also includes a 130-acre Canadian Port of Entry and a 148-acre U.S. Port of Entry. The fixed-priced contract is valued at $5.7 billion (nominal value), which includes the design-build (DB) phase and the 30-year operation, maintenance and rehabilitation (OMR) phase. Bridging North America is a consortium comprised of Aecon, ACS Infrastructure Canada Inc. and Fluor Canada Ltd. to design, build, finance, operate and maintain the Gordie Howe International Bridge through a Public-Private Partnership (P3). Aecon has a 20 per cent interest in the equity, DB and OMR partnerships."

This is the post that taught me that the owners of the Ambassador Bridge lost their battle against a beltway bridge. (Thank goodness.) But the Moroun family fought hard to stop it. [freep]
Kevin Nelson posted
The now cold and silent blast furnaces of Great Lakes Works - Zug Island, as seen from the Gordie Howe International Crossing Bridge construction site in Windsor, Canada. #UnitedStatesSteel
James Torgeson: Neat graphics. I never realized the new bridge was going to be so close to Zug Island.
Dirk Graham: James Torgeson probably one of the reasons zug got shut down. It wouldn’t do to launch burning debris into vehicles on the bridge when the bleeders open.

MDOT, accessed June 8, 2021

Screenshot @ 0:49

Screenshot @ 0:53
[It is good that they are not doing the O'Hare people mover because that has become a disaster.]

Screenshot @ 2:05

Screenshot @ 2:07


I could not find this bridge project on the web site of the third member of the design-build team: Dragados Canada.

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