Thursday, August 4, 2022

Elgin Torpedo Sand Co. Bridge over Fox River in Elgin, IL

(Satellite, some of the embankment for the south end still exists)

Willliam Shapotkin posted a photo of a bridge and asked for some information. These notes are a summary of the responses.

A corrected version of the photo was provided by Roy Vombrack.
William's commnet: This undated photo was recently posted by Linda Hoffman on the facebook page "Elgin Nostalgia & History (Elgin, Illinois) USA." According to the information provided, this location is on the east side of the Fox River near Trout Park (which is located just south of the Illinois Tollway (I-90) north of Elgin).

William Shapotkin commented
A fellow (Craig Holmberg) came up with what appears to be the answer: "Possibly it's the one for Elgin Torpedo Sand. This would make it just south of 90 and just west of Trout Park. (from Steam Trains to Lake Geneva)" Map from said book is below [above]:

Roy Vombrack commented
Here's an interesting article from the Elgin Area Historical Society's "The Crackerbarrel" newsletter, Jan. 2008, about the bridge...
(c)2008 Elgin Area Historical Society
[It was a gravel and sand pit. Near the end they even shipped black dirt. The bridge was removed in 1937.]

Roy Vombrack commented
Here's a topographical view from 1925 which shows the bridge and layout of the tracks on the west bank pretty clearly. Notice the one siding that curves around the quarry. (©HistoricAerials)

Dennis DeBruler commented on Roy's comment
Roy Vombrack Here is the same map from USGS where you can get bigger views and you don't have to worry about the copyright.
It appears that the east end of Willow Lake was the quarry pit. The bridge is still in the 1940 map, but it is gone in the 1962 map.

Dennis DeBruler commented on his comment
It takes a while for topo maps to be updated. The bridge was gone by 1939.

Dennis DeBruler commented on his comment
At photo resolution.

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