Saturday, May 17, 2014

Railroad Names

When I visited the SantaFe Railroad Bridge in Lemont, I knew those tracks had been owned by the Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railway and were now owned by the Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway. But when I saw the tracks up the hill in Lemont, I knew they had been owned by GM&O and then ICG, but I do not know what railroad currently owns them. But I really don't need to know who owns the tracks now because I was planning on using the names I learned in my childhood like New York Central and Pennsylvania. But I don't have a good reference for for the 1950s. So I'm going to use the names that are in my 1928 Railroad Atlas. Many of the 1928 names were still the same as my childhood because the consolidations of the 19th century were done and the demise of railroads because of the airplane and better roads of the 1960s had not started However, there was some churn of ownership due to the Depression so the GM&O tracks were owned by the Chicago and Alton Railroad in 1928.

Another naming issue is the labels. I want something that is relatively short, easy to remember, and just letters. The last criteria rules out CB&Q for the Burlington Route. But I wanted to use that instead of Burlington because it is shorter. So I'm adopting the convention of using a lower case "a" for an ampersand.

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