Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Morris Nettle Creek Aqueduct

I noticed that the I&M Canal State Trail had signs posted along Calhoun Street in Morris that the trails were closed. So I went to Gebhard Woods State Park to try to go to the Nettle Creek Aqueduct from the downstream end. But I encountered more "trail closed" signs. I came across something later that indicated the trail was closed because a flood destroyed the aqueduct. In fact, an April 19, 2013, article in the Morris Daily Herald indicates it would have been the same flood conditions that caused the Marseilles Dam accident last year.

8Nuts MotherGoose
8Nuts MotherGoose
Note that the grain bins in the background would be of the third facility pictured near the end of the Two Towboats posting.

American Canals has some 1998 photos and then additonal photos posted April 27, 2013, that shows the flood damage.

Paul Braun has made a panoramic shot that is well worth the mouse click. It includes the overflow waterfall. And Joe Balynas has another nice shot including the waterfall. Some of his other canal pictures are also quite artistic. Steve Conro has several photos including the sluice gates that control the spillway and the original wooden version. And Skip Maskeri got some pictures of this and other I&M Canal spots during the flood.

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