Sunday, July 20, 2014

Seneca LST Shipyard Location

(satellite info below)

Seneca Historical Guild posted
On this day in Seneca history - 1942... The first LST (197) was launched into the Illinois River.
Ron Cook: They went down Illinois river,got out on the ocean and was taken back there to install bigger guns.than travelled back down the Illinois river receiving battle pay of $66.00 mth
Jeff Maierhofer: The masts were not completed until they got to New Orleans as, yes, they couldn’t pass under many of the bridges on the Illinois River.

Michael Sutfin shared

While researching the Seneca Grain Elevator, I finally found confirmation that the shipyard was located where the industrial park is now located rather than close to where the LST Memorial is located.

Page 26

I assume the launch way was were the rail to barge transfer facility is now located. The red circle marks the intersection of the following roads. Shipyard Road is the west and south street. LST Drive is the street to the North. The industry in the southeast corner posted No Trespassing on the road towards their buildings. Far away from the buildings themselves.

20140710 0123c
2009 Satellite
The 1937-47 aerial photos must have photographed this area in the 1930s.


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