Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Burlington Northern 1972 Bridge over Latah Creek in Spokane, WA

(Bridge Hunter, 3D Satellite)
HL Mencken posted
Off the GN and onto the NP over John M. Budd's bridge, Spokane, Washington, May 18, 1979.
[Those steel girders are about the same height as the locomotives. That might be the thickest steel girders I have seen so far.]
Built 1972 during line relocations due to the Burlington Northern merger in 1970. Built to tie 3 rail lines together: The Great Northern line to Seattle, the Northern Pacific line to Sandpoint, and the SP&S line to Pasco. [Bridge Hunter]
Note that there is a wye on the west end of this bridge. The northern leg was the Great Northern and the southern leg was the Spokane, Portland & Seattle. The east end of this bridge was the Northern Pacific.

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