Thursday, March 2, 2017

IAIS/Rock Island Bridge over Iowa River in Iowa City

(Bridge Hunter, 3D Satellite)

Douglas W. Jones released this photo to the Public Domain. From Wikimedia
Bill Kaeser posted three photos with the comment: "1901 Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Railroad Bridge, Iowa City." The date 1901 is when the above steel girder bridge was built. This construction was in 1873.
Jeff Alberhasky These photos are of the 2nd CRI&P rail bridge over the Iowa River while it was under construction around 1873. It was the longest bridge West of the Mississippi River when it was completed. It was replaced by the present stucture in 1901.

I the original piers were reused, then concrete was poured around them as well as on top of them. And I think piers were added between the existing piers because the trusses appear to be longer than the girders.

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