Thursday, March 9, 2017

Making Glass Bottles

In the 1800s, soda pop was sold at soda fountains. At the turn of the century, selling soda pop in bottles was becoming popular.

I wonder if these workers are making bottles or something more custom such as vases.

John Abbott posted
Toledoans Lured into the New Industry
"Workers get down to business in 1938 at the Libbey Glass factory in Toledo."
John Abbott posted
Automatic Glass Bottle Machine
Raulie Morse This looks like one of the old rotary machines, never saw one but I've heard of them.
[Judging from the handrail on the left, that machine must have been rather big.]
John Abbott posted
A Close hand Look at the Glass Making Machine .. as it runs today ... still making glass wear.
[In this case, stemware instead of bottles. Aluminum and plastic decimated the glass bottle market. I can remember as a kid drinking pop out of just bottles and the milkman delivering milk in bottles.]


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