Monday, March 13, 2017

Aban/Conrail/NYC/Big4 over Kaskaska River in Shelbyville, IL

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Steven Johnston posted
Concrete pillars is all that's left of the NYC Big 4 crossing the Kaskaskia river in Shelbyville,IL. My grandpa used to run this route till he retired in 1973.
Mark Egebrecht Abandoned in 1983.Steven Johnston The bridge stayed till the 90's sometime when it came out.Bill Edrington Steven Johnston - The Penn Central merger on February 1, 1968 was the beginning of the end for the Big Four main line between Paris (Midland Yard) and Pana. About two months after the merger, the "long pool" agreement covering both former NYC and former PRR crews between Indianapolis (Avon) and East St. Louis took effect. The PC then began running most westbound freight trains over the Big Four "north line" via Mattoon, and most eastbounds over the former PRR "south line" via Effingham. Crews from both predecessor roads were pooled and ran through all the way between Avon and East St. Louis without change. As a result, Mattoon stopped being a home terminal for all but a few local crews. The south line via Effingham was shorter, in somewhat better condition and had more capacity than the north line via Effingham, but the north line had better connections to the TRRA and Alton & Southern on the west end. Both mains remained in service until the Conrail years, although even before the startup of CR, PC management had identified the north line as surplus if the south line's connections in the East St. Louis terminal area (especially the A&S) could be improved. This was eventually accomplished with the new A&S connection at Exermont/HN Cabin on the south line. CR management then diverted all through traffic to the south line, drying up the north line in the process. Terre Haute-Paris was retained in order to serve Illinois Cereal Mills at Paris and provide a route up to Danville. Pana-Lenox was sold to the MP (later UP), which still operates it as part of the old C&EI route from Chicago to St. Louis. The rest of the line, between Paris and Pana, was abandoned except for what is now the industrial spur connecting to the UP at Shelbyville. Hope this helps.

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NYC Shelbyville Illinois
Jacob Hortenstine posted

This was a popular photo for postcard publishers.
Kevin A Erb posted
Postcard view. Date unknown. I assume this predates Lake Shelbyville?

C&EIRHS shared
The Big Four (NYC) bridge is in the foreground and the C&EI bridge farther back.

The remnant that goes to the west is now the Shelbyville Industrial Railway Spur (SIRS). SIRS has been successful enough that they have added additional tracks.

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