Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Route 219 Extension over Cattaraugus Creek south of Springville, NY

The Bing satellite has shadows that show the arch.

It is unusual to see a crane's boom used to reach out instead of up. It takes a lot more counterweight for the same length boom when using a large radius.

Gary Swain Cover Photo
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It was a crawler, not a ringer.
Al Easton posted
Kenny Wojciechowski Stretching out!!! The life of a crane operator!!!
Gary Swain That was 275' of main boom and 140' of fixed jib. I had a working radius of 425' with full counter weight package of 1.4 million pounds.
Gary Swain posted
Springville N.Y. 2008 Cornell & Co. Route 219 Extension , Crane operators Gary Swain local 17 , Lloyd Lyons local 825
Gary Swain posted
We had to move the crane twice, it took ten days , sixty one truck loads and a assist crane on each end . Not to mention a full crew of operators and iron workers to get the job done!

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