Monday, March 6, 2017

Chicago South Shore Burnham Yard

The Chicago South Shore &South Bend (Css) has a yard along Brainard Avenue between Burnham Avenue on the west and the IHB tracks on the east.
Steven J. Brown posted
Norfolk Southern GP33ECO 4708 with a string of auto racks heading toward State Line in the Hegewisch neighborhood of Chicago passes South Shore GP38-2's waiting out the weekend - February 25, 2017.
Kevin Vahey Obviously someone who shouldnt have been was in our yard....
Evidently a lot of trees between the SSF Yard and the NS/NKP tracks have been cut down since this satellite view image was taken. Steven might have been on the sidewalk along Brainard Ave looking along the curve in the southern most lead of the SSF yard. A telescope lens does make curves tighter than they really are.

Gary Talsky caught the yard when it had more cars in it.
Gary Talsky posted
Brainard Avenue on 06/23/2017
South Shore locs at South Shore's Burnham Yard

Dan Hollis posted
A friend died several years ago and I'm just now getting to his slides. I think these are South Shore GP-38's. When and where it was taken is anybody's guess.
Bob Lalich East end of Burnham Yard.

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