Sunday, March 12, 2017

Old petrol engine driving belt driven machine tools

I was trying to decide if I should put these on the hit-miss gas engine page or the line-shaft driven page. Then it occurred to me that, since I saw them on the same day, they get their own page.

Saw this today at a historical village.
It is interesting that the hit-miss is firing every cycle even though the bit is not under load. I wonder how much the engine will slow down if they actually drill something with it.

Tom Sampson posted
Here is an old style machine shop I setup in my barn. And he added a hacksaw to his shop.
Jonathan Sharpe Wow...that is very impressive! Curious, what is the belt driven unit at the end, up high? Looks like a generator, 3 phase for the mill? Well done!
Tom Sampson That's the motor that was put on the lathe years ago. I use it to power the lineshaft when I dont use the Novo.

Some more videos offered by You Tube. Some are even older and powered by steam.

The above two are the first of what has become a significant series of videos. If you right click the window, you can select "Copy video URL" and use that to run the video in its own window. And then access other videos in this series. (Update: just a few days after I posted this, I came across the link to his You Tube channel. He has evidently now produced at least 20 videos in his Old Time Steam Powered Machine Shop series. He also has posted videos on other topics.)

I normally avoid a cell phone video, not because of the quality, but because of the profile format. In this case, the profile format is appropriate because it gets the shafts and the machines.

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