Sunday, March 19, 2017

Excavator vs. Railroad Overpass, Both Lost

In a "battle" between an excavator on a truck and a railroad overpass, they both lost.

John W. Coke posted five photos with the comment:
Oh Deere! Incident occurred on Highway 16 in Lloydminster, Saskatchewan, Canada. The bridge belongs to the Canadian Pacific Railway

1  Note the yellow warning sign on the right girder. I'm sure that is a clearance sign, but the resolution is not good enough to read how low this bridge was.

2  The boom bent at the D painted on the sign of the boom. And the bottom, center of the bridge's side beam got bent. I wonder how fast the driver was going when he hit the bridge.

3  And they had clearance data in a yellow sign on this side as well. Although the print does not look big enough to read at highway speeds in time to stop even if the driver did know his height.

4  The boom was bent 90 degrees and the rail demonstrates the flexibility of steel.

5  It looks like they have shut down the traffic in both directions while the authorized personal stand around and ponder what to do.
The strength of the pin on the trailer that fits into the "wheel" on the tractor truck is amazing. The trailer remained attached to the truck. So the truck went from highway speeds to zero in just a few feet. That has to be a lot of Gs on the driver.

John commented on his posting
I forgot this one.

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