Monday, July 10, 2017

Big Holes need Big Walls

They are building another "pile" of apartments near downtown Downers Grove. It will have a basement that has three floors of parking.

20170628 9552
The worker I talked to said the outer wood and steel embankment wall will remain. After the concrete cures, they will dump fill between the two walls, and then they can remove the steel pipes. The worker mentioned that the wood was oak planks.

Digitally Zoomed
The following video shows the importance of using steel as well as wood for a tall embankment wall.

Screenshot @ -0.51, skip to -1:00 (0:46)

By July 7th, they had poured the top half of the south wall by the corner for which they were building the forms on June 28th, and they were pouring the bottom part of the south wall. They were doing nothing on July 10th because it was a rain day. A big weather front made it east to Joliet. You could see an incredibly black cloud across the whole sky to the west. But the front fizzled out before it got to Downers Grove.

20170707 9863rc

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