Sunday, July 30, 2017

Crossing of EJ&E Industrial Spur and CNS&M


The Chicago, North Shore & Milwauky is an interurban that was abandoned along time ago. Its right-of-way appears to now be Commonwealth Avenue. Part of the industrial spur appears to now be Morrow Avenue. The main crossing of the EJ&E and CNS&M is a block north and was grade separated.

Kevin Piper posted two photos with the comment:
The EJ&E crossed the North Shore's Milwaukee line at North Chicago. Here SW1200 306 is running across the diamonds in December 1961. Note the gates protecting the junction. The second photo shows the exact location in recent years. Top, LOUIS CERNY PHOTO Bottom, JOE STUPAR PHOTO

[You can see the EJ&E overpass in the background.]

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