Sunday, July 30, 2017

Luminant Liberty Mine

(Satellite)  A church was willing to be bought and move.

If you Google this mine, you learn about a neighbor who thinks he was not offered enough for his property. I'm going to ignore that issue and concentrate on the fact that this mine has two active dragline cranes.

Screenshot from a video from a Bill Drotar Jr. posting
Have to enjoy D33 while it's so close to the road.
William Oldani Now that's a Different style Bucket! I'm not familiar with that one I'm assuming it's some type of Easy Loading or High Efficiency!
Jay Wilson Almost looks like someone tried to gain a few extra yards by changing the back wall.
Bob Haare No spreader bar on the hoist chains!
Luminant PR video of moving D32 8 miles to their new lignite coal mine 

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