Friday, July 14, 2017

CSX+NS/Monongahela 1910s Bridge over Monongahela River near Brownsville, PA

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Mark Hinsdale posted
"Mighty Monongahela"
The Monongahela Railway was a coal hauler in extreme Southwestern Pennsylvania and Northern West Virginia. Owned one third each by the Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh & Lake Erie and Baltimore & Ohio Railroads, it became renowned in railfan circles for acquiring and operating the last active Baldwin "Sharknose" locomotives from P&LE parent New York Central in the early 70's and again later on for its purchase of 11 General Electric B23-7R's, nicknamed "Super 7's.". A busy carrier, with some of Pennsylvania's highest output coal mines located on its routes, it was folded into Conrail in 1993 and its tonnage today is split between Conrail successors Norfolk Southern and CSX.
Two "Super 7's" lead empties across Conrail's Monongahela River Bridge and around toward the CR yard at West Brownsville PA... 10-90

Mark posted again
"Mighty Mon"
In October, 1990, a pair of Monongahela "Super 7" B23-7R's bring a loaded coal train across the Monongahela River Bridge into West Brownsville PA. The train likely loaded at Loveridge WV and made its way up the east side of the Monongahela River. It will shortly terminate at Conrail's Shire Oaks Yard where Conrail power and crews will take over. Photo by Mark Hinsdale
Photo from HAER PA,63-BROVW,1--2 from PA3769

Pennsylvania Railroad, West Brownsville Junction Bridge, Spanning Monongahela River, north of U.S. Route 40 Bridge, West Brownsville, Washington County, PA

The cut-stone piers still appear to be original: south side, north side. Did the current bridge replace an earlier bridge to provide a wider and taller navigation channel?

Jim Pearson Photography posted
The conductor on a CSX loaded coal train stands on the nose of CSXT 3176 as his train crosses the Monongahela River at Brownsville, Pennsylvania. They are headed off the NS Mon Line where the conductor will throw the switch onto the NS Loveridge Secondary for their continued movement southbound.
Tech Info: DJI Mavic Air 2S Drone, RAW, 22mm, f/2.8, 1/2000, ISO 120.

A satellite caught a rather skinny tow.
Raymond Storey posted
Mike Salvatore hate to be the maintainer out there in the winter !
Ron Vance Interesting having a track switch on the bridge.
Dennis DeBruler When you want to go both ways on a route near the bank of the river, you end up putting the switch over water. Here is another example over that river.

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