Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Combine (and other farm equipment) vs. Ferry Boat

It is too bad he didn't provide a location.


CASE IH posted
Sometimes the fastest way to get a combine from Wisconsin to Michigan is to take the ferry!
Thanks to Johnson Tractor for sharing this great photo with us.
Terry Hlavinka: I thought the factory was in Nebraska?
Leilani Myers: Terry Hlavinka it was a dealer trade.

Since it was going to Michigan and it appears to be leaving the ferry, I presume this is the SS Badger in Ludington, MI.
Ben Wolfsen commented on CASE IH post
Thanks from Reeman Farm equipment to Johnson tractor for letting us get this from you. Our customer is ready to use it.
Karen Brewer: It's cheaper to cross Lake Michigan on the Badger, with Oversized loads, than to buy permits and mess with traffic around Chicago. A lot less Stressful too. My husband had hauled many Oversized loads over the years. He was Very impressed to see several Oversized loads be loaded, then unloaded on the other side. We left Ludington MI., 30 minutes late, and arrived on time in Manitowoc WI. The Badger was full, watching it unload in my imagination, was like watching a Mammoth Whale, give birth.!!! The Badger is worth the experience.
[One comment says it costs almost 1/8 as much. Another says it would be 500 miles around Lake Michigan.]

Justin Gentner commented on the CASE IH post
We transported our new Holland round baler across on the badger. Cool experience. And gave us a break from the long drive.

Sebastien Picard commented on the CASE IH post

Sebastien Picard commented on the CASE IH post

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