Thursday, July 20, 2017

Vintage Railroad Port Facilities

I've come across a few photos of port facilities back when railroads were still king. So I decided to start a collection of vintage port facility photos. I'm too lazy to find the current satellite images of these facilities, but I do wonder how much of this land is now condos or parkland.

Francis Otterbein posted
The massive Port Richmond complex of yards and piers in the City of Philadelphia. Pictured is Pier 18 coal dumper on April 8, 1927. (Reading Company photo. RCT&HS Collection)

Albert R Brecken posted
Bay Ridge freight-transfer terminal of the "New York Connecting Railroad". During WW2 , all freight-traffic between New England and Philidelphia , Baltimore , Washington and points South and South-West war routed thru this facility.

Francis Otterbein posted
Circa 1900. "Anchor Line docks and Penna. R.R. coal & ore docks, Erie, Pennsylvania."
[A reminder that boxcars, hoppers, and gondolas were the only choices shippers had for freight cars.]

Francis Otterbein posted
"Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Railway ore docks, Ashtabula, Ohio."

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  1. Google graffiti pier philadelphia. Pier 18 still exists. They dismanted the coal dumper but the concrete structure is still standing along with the tracks and an old rail car.