Monday, July 24, 2017

CSX/SAL Bridge over Tamiami Canal in Miami, FL

Neither Google nor Bing label the canal as "Tamiami," but since the road right next to it is labeled Tamiami Canal Road, I'm assuming that is the name of the canal as well.

My first thought when I saw this 3D satellite image is that CSX has taken it out of service. Then I realized this is a glitch in Google's 3D software because it crosses the seam of two different satellite images that it has to stitch together into one image.
3D Satellite
It is effectively a bob tail swing bridge because one side is mostly over land thus the pier is close to one shore. The canal must now be just a drainage ditch because the satellite image shows that it is normally closed and the video shows that most speedboats would not be able to fit under the bridge.

Roly Guierrez shared:

There are some interesting comments on the YouTube page. One is of particular interest: "before Hunter Harrison they ran double triple axle power engines here. Now it's this lonely double axle most of the time."

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