Saturday, July 25, 2020

Abbot Laboratories and AbbVie in North Chicago, IL


I didn't even know there was a town named North Chicago.
William Shapotkin posted
This is an undated image (Postcard (?)) of Abbott Lab, located along Sheridan Rd approx 16th St in North Chicago, IL. (Found on the facebook page "Chicago North Shore and Milwaukee Railroad.") Orientation is looking S/E -- the railroad at left is the C&NW (now UP).
What I would really love to find is a photo of the C&NW stop known as "Abbott's Platform." If memory serves me correctly, it was located just north of Foss Park Ave (the present-day North Chicago Metra station is located south of Foss Park). The stop at Abbott's was eliminated with the opening of the present-day station (as it is defacto across-the-street from Abbott).
The land in the photo is labeled AbbVie by Google Maps, and the vacant land to the north of it in this old aerial is labeled Abbott Laboratories.
1939 Aerial Photo from ILHAP
The AbbVie complex still has rail service, both covered hoppers and tank cars.
Some rail service is inside a building so I don't know what type of freight car it uses.
When I think of the Midwest, I think of industries such as railroads, steel, cars and coal. But this reminds me that the Midwest makes a lot of pharmaceuticals as well. And, unlike the other industries, a lot of the pharmaceutical industry still exists in the Midwest. And, as we see here, it is still rail served.

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