Sunday, July 5, 2020

W&LE: Wheeling & Lake Erie (WE)/WLE Bridge over West Branch Huron River at Monroeville, OH

(no Bridge Hunter; Satellite)

These notes combine info for the shortline W&LE and a bridge.

WLE = the original Wheeling & Lake Erie
WE = the current Wheeling & Lake Erie (pghbridges, search for "1871")

This page has a map for the current and original W&LE.

Histories: case and ClevelandMemory.    A photo collection

wlerwy, route continues East from Cumberland to Hagerstown

Richard Roberts commented on a post
WLE at Monroeville,Oh

1960 Monroeville Quadrangle @ 1:24,000
The NYC(LSMS) used to have a route that paralleled the W&LE between Fremont and Norwalk. But the NYC route was abandoned by the Penn Central. The two routes crossed each other in Monroeville. W&LE was on the north side to the west of Monroeville and on the south side to the east of Monroeville. The North Coast Inland Trail uses a new RoW on the east side until it can cross the railroad using the OH-45 road crossing.

I had some trouble determining which river this bridge was over because I could not force Google Map to label it by zooming in. And there is no Bridge Hunter post for this bridge. But I found the Blue Bridge over this river, and it specifies West Branch Huron River. I noticed on a satellite image that this branch has meandered a lot between Monroeville and Lake Erie.


  1. Am I getting something wrong here, this is The Wheeling and Lake Erie.

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