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EJ&E South Works Yard and Roundhouse

(Satellite, I'm amazed that any tracks are left)

Kevin Piper posted
The old CLS&E (future EJ&E) South Chicago yard looking north.

Because the US Steel South Works closed many years ago, we need to use a topo map as a "wayback machine." We can see that US Steel had a yard along most of its west side. Rod's post below indicates that the little yard along 87th Street was also EJ&E.
1953 Calumet Lake Quadrangle @ 1:24,000

EJ&E accessed the yard at the south end using its Calumet River Bridge, which is now stuck in the upright position because CN burned out a motor. BRC and Rock Island also accessed it at the south end using their branches from Rock Island Junction that went along the Calumet River.

I wondered when I saw this topo map if B&O accessed the South Works along 87th Street. The following answers this question as "no" because the EJ&E crossed Burley Avenue. Instead of the B&O going east to EJ&E, EJ&E went west to B&O.
Rod Sellers posted
Where am I?
Cynthia Costello Too bad there's not a picture of the watchtower. My Grandfather used to lower and raise the gates for the trains.
Fred Ploszaj 85 th and burley ej&e railroad crossing

Bill Staniec commented on Rod's post
From 1915. Before the 1919 Bush fire.

Rod commented in his post, at Facebook resolution, cropped
86th and Burley. Photo appeared in a Smoke Abatement and Electrification Report for Chicago in 1915. Attached is a map of the area near the photo from the Report.

Dennis DeBruler commented on Rod's post
Labeling the owner of the tracks on this crossing as EJ&E answers a question that has been on my mind: were the tracks along 87th Street owned by B&O or EJ&E? So the little roundhouse east of Burley would be EJ&E. I presume the big roundhouse west of Burley was B&O. What was the name of the B&O Yard?
I presume that the little yard that parallels Baker Street was owned by IC. What was its name?
1929 Calumet Lake Quadrangle @ 1:24,000

Dennis DeBruler commented on Rod's post
1938 Aerial

Rod commented on his post
Site map view of E.J. & E.Railroad Round House at U.S.Steel South Works, 1910.

Since both EJ&E and BRC had connections to this yard, it was used to receive EJ&E interchange traffic from BRC per some comments on a share by Marty Bernard of some EJ&E Joliet Yard photos:
Ignacio Ibarra I think EJ&E goes to the Belt in South Chicago
Bob Lalich Historically, EJ&E delivered to BRC's Commercial Ave Yard, and BRC delivered to the J at South Works. Those interchange points were eliminated after CN acquired the J. The J's bridge over the Calumet River is out of service.
Dennis DeBruler Bob Lalich Do they now haul transfers all the way between Kirk and Clearing?
Bob Lalich Dennis DeBruler - I think Clearing is the only BRC-CN interchange point now, but I am not certain. Hopefully someone can verify that.
Dennis DeBruler Commercial, also South Chicago:
South Works:,-87.../data=!3m1!1e3
J Bridge:

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