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Fox River Trolley Museum


I learned about the Fox River Trolley Museum when I studied the Aurora, Elgin & Fox River Interurban because the museum uses a remnant of that interurban between the Fox River Trolley Museum and Blackhawk Station Fox River Trolley.

Greg' Burnet's comment below reminded me of the damage caused by the vandalism by two young boys in July, 2018. I could not easily find any info on the web site about what was damaged by the vandalism. So I assume all of this wood is for a regular restoration effort rather than vandalism repair. Scrolling through their news pages, I had to go back to Sep 25, 2018, to find a mention of the vandalism. It seems that with strong community supportthey recovered rather quickly from the damage. That is good to learn. (Actually, it was just #304, out of 8 cars damaged, that was fixed rather quickly. More on the vandalism at the end of these notes.)
One of  seven photos posted by BRHS
Greg Burnet Timely. The car in the picture (Car #316) is currently undergoing restoration at the Fox River Trolley Museum. In fact, I'm delivering over a thousand feet of newly milled components (window sills, exterior trim, etc.) to them next week for painting & will be milling a batch of new siding to replace the damaged material in the near future as well.
[I couldn't find this car in their equipment roster. I did find #317. ]

Nikki Burgess posted
My time in Chicago was winding down and I knew that it would be my last season shooting the widely available vintage traction running in northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin. Of everything with flanged wheels, streetcars and interurbans are my absolute favorite things. On 10/11/2015, beautiful wood interurban car CA&E #20 was trundling south through the Duerr Woods in South Elgin on the Fox River Trolley Museum's line along the river whose name the museum bears. This photo ended up being used as the museum's 2016 calendar photo.

AJ Grigg posted 26 photos with the comment: "Our trip to the Fox River Trolley Museum, situated just south of South Elgin on the Fox River, using the otherwise abandoned ROW of the Chicago Aurora & Elgin Railroad. Very accessible from the Fox River Trail."
Dennis DeBruler The Fox River Trolley Museum uses a remnant of the north/south Aurora, Elgin & Fox River Interurban, http://industrialscenery.blogspot.com/.../ae-aurora-elgin...
Dennis DeBruler The CA&E was more of an east/west interurban, http://industrialscenery.blogspot.com/.../chicago-aurora...

Frank Smitty Schmidt The CA&E and the AE&FRE were originally both divisions of the AE&C. They separated when the AE&C came out of bankruptcy in the early 1920s.
Dennis DeBruler So it is a remnant of AE&C and AE&FR. And AE&C = CA&E+AE&FR.

Frank Smitty Schmidt Before the AE&C, the line originally started out as part of the Elgin Aurora & Southern Traction Co. in the late 1890s.
Jon Habermaas ROW was not CA&E but rather the Aurora Elgin and Fox River Electric which ran north-south along the Fox River which ran between Carpentersvile and Yorkville serving communities between. This portion of the line survived to provide coal delivery to the state hospital at Elgin.
Art Lemke AEFR was under the same corporate umbrella as CA&E.















[Stearns Road]

[CN/IC Bridge]





Two boys, 11 and 13, damaged at least 65 windows in 8 cars after they broke into two barns sometime between July 4 and 7, 2018, and caused over $100,000 in damage. [NBC5]  The boys were arrested July 8 after the police followed a blood trail to a home. [elgin-courier-2018july] In addition to a lot of glass repair donations, a security system has been donated. Car 304 was repaired quickly for Riverfest because of a focused effort. Six months later, other cars still needed to be repaired. They offered community service to the two boys. [elgin-coutier-2019jan]
elgin-courier-2018july, Janelle Walker/The Courier-News
[This was one of the cars that was still needing new windows in Jan 2019.]

safe_image for A 1:13 YouTube video of some old looking footage

Michael Riha shared a video and photo of the restored little GE that used to deliver coal to the state hospital.

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