Saturday, July 18, 2020

Walnut Street OC Strauss Bridge over Fox River in Green Bay, WI

old: (Bridge Hunter)
1986: (Bridge Hunter; 3D Satellite)

Street View

Julie Zabell posted
Arthur Anderson backing up down the Fox River downtown Green Bay towards the bay.
[Judging by the road grid. the dolphins and the pleasure boats in the foreground, it is going under this bridge.]

I labeled these notes with bridgeStrauss because the old bridge was built by his company. But it is not his normal design. Douglas calls it a Strauss overhead counterweight trunnion bascule bridge. Researching this design goes on the "todo" list.
Douglas Butler via Bridge Hunter

Art Gage posted
This pic was posted in old photos of Green Bay. 1930’s. Going through the Walnut street Bridge!

Mike Harlan shared
The boats really had to "thread a needle" to get through this one.
Via Bridge Hunter, <1923
[Note the log pond for the paper mill in the background.]

Via Bridge Hunter, <1923

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