Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Keystone/McReynolds's A Grain Elevator on the Calumet River

(Satellite, long gone)

idaillinois view of the east side

Rod Sellers commented on his post
Swing bridge over the Calumet River at 106th Street shortly before it was replaced in 1930. Attached photo is same bridge in 1912 with Keystone Grain Elevator in view at right. Also in view is trolley crossing the bridge.

1915 idaillinois photo with smoke coming from the smokestack

Rod Sellers commented on his 6/9/2019 post in Southeast Chicago Historical Society
Craig Holmberg There was also a grain elevator on the east side of the 106th Street bridge, at one time the Keystone elevator.
William Bork Rod Sellers That’s the one. In front of the Valley Mould plant.
Rod Sellers Grain elevator at 106th and Calumet River burned Jan 10, 1966.

1929 Calumet Lake Quadrangle @ 1:24,000

1901 Sanborn Map

Digitally Zoomed

It is in the middle of this aerial photo.
Tony Margis posted

On January 10, 1966 a partially demolished grain elevator at 106th and the Calumet River burned in a huge blaze fought by snorkels, fireboats and several piece of equipment. The elevator had been unused since 1952.  [SECHS Newsleter referenced by a Rod Sellers comment on a post


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