Sunday, July 19, 2020

Trail/UP/MKT (Katy) Bridge over Missouri River at Boonville, MO

(Bridge Hunter; no Historic Bridges; Satellite)

Why some notes on yet another lift bridge? Because, since this was preserved as a trail bridge, it has some nice photos of the truss members, counterweight, etc.

Street View
Two of the sixteen photos posted by Brian Baker.

Built in 1932, abandoned in 1992 and donated to city by Union Pacific; reopened for rail-trail use April 2016 (after a court battle started in 2005 against the director of DNR and later UP). In this case, UP wanted to use four of the five spans for a bridge at Osage City. [Bridge Hunter] I wonder why the US Coast Guard did not require that it be removed from the river. The trail is to the lift span, not across the bridge because the lift span is always up and they didn't build the ramps like the former Rock Island Bridge in Little Rock has. According to some comments, building ramps is evidently in the plans as a later phase.

Trees are normally nice, but they do destroy sightlines. The depot has been nicely preserved.
Street View

(new window)  The video starts out with an overview and some closeups of the bridge before the train footage.

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