Friday, January 12, 2018

ILS: Illinois Southern Railway

In the 1928 RR Atlas, this route was named Missouri Illinois. MoPac then acquired it, and UP still uses the segment from Coulterville to the west. CN has trackage rights between Coulterville (IC) and Sparta (M&O).

John Sniffen posted
Stan Bailey Now it makes me wonder how it become Missouri Illinois after that before MP took it over?Emanuel Collier Isn't this the railroad from the movie the fugitive?Stan Bailey Yes, but by the time that movie was made, it was under UP’s hands.
Looking at the 2005 SPV Map, they have a line across the river labeled UP/ILS. But I found some fine print that indicates the ferry operation was abandoned by Missouri Illinois. One can still see some ruins of the dock on the Illinois Side.
I could not find any remnants on the Missouri side. In a 1940 you cannot only see the dock, but also the ferry.

1940 Aerial Photo from ILHAP, Missouri side
1940 Aerial Photo from ILHAP, Illinois side
Mark Geller responded to my question on John's posting about the abandonment of the ferry operation with the comment: "From what I have read,the ferry operation ran from 1902 until 1961"

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