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Manitowoc, WI: Multiple Ferry Docks

C&NW: (Satellite, the dock has been rebuilt to accommodate just the SS Badger for vehicles.)
Wisconsin Central: (Satellite)

Carl Venzke posted
Tom Carter This photo had to have been taken between 1956 and 1958, as the newest car is a '56 Chevy and the Ann Arbor ferry #6 became the Arthur K. Atkinson in July, 1958.

Paul Rabenhorst posted
A carferry turns around in the Manitowoc River.
Manitowoc, Wisconsin, 1963.
Paul Rabenhorst shared
[The comments indicate it was C&O's City of Saginaw 31 or City of Flint 32.]

Deborah Wiegand commented on a post
I believe this is the C&O Midland on the left but not sure which Ann Arbor ferry on the right. Manitowoc, WI - Winter 1958-59 - from my family's collection.
Steven Kelsch Ann Arbor No. 7

Steven Kelsch commented on Deborah's comment
She was later renamed the VIKING when modernized.
ANN ARBOR NO. 5 on the right.

Paul Rabenhorst posted
Steven Kelsch: C&O and AA. Nice card.
Shawn Keith: That's either the Pere Marquette 21 or 22 after cabins were lengthened, which would make it the Ann Arbor No. 3, because the No. 4 had been sold to the State of Michigan by then.

Steven Kelsch commented on Deborah's comment As the VIKING.

Paul Erspamer commented on Deborah's comment
VIKING as she pulls away from the apron. One of my favorites.

S.S. Badger: Lake Michigan Carferry posted
Paul Rabenhorst posted
Shawn Keith: Ann Arbor No. 5 on the dock in this view also.
Paul Rabenhorst posted

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