Monday, January 8, 2018

US-70 Bypass Bridge near Beaufort, NC

Note a new bridge is being built upstream as part of a US-70 bypass. It is upstream of the marina traffic and is higher, so I doubt if it needs a movable span. Bridge Hunter indicates the Arendell Street Bridge has already been removed. There isn't a Bridge Hunter page yet for the new bridge.

Jack Fleeman posted, cropped
Taking guesses on where this is.
Dennis DeBruler It looks like part of a new US-70 bypass around Beaufort that is high enough that it doesn't need a movable span like the old US-70 bridge had.,-76.../data=!3m1!1e3
Jack Fleeman Yeah. Our understanding of what's going on there is some of the piles have settled and they're having to jack it up.Chris Howard Conti a company from New Jersey was over the say they didn’t know how to build a bridge would be a understatement...Dennis DeBruler It seems we could have a contest concerning bridge building incompetence. My nominee would be Cline Ave. Bridge in Northwest Indiana. Not only did they have a major accident during construction, they had to tear the whole thing down about two decades later because of bad concrete!

Chirs Howard commented on Jack's posting
Old pic but I think this might be the same bridge..I was the foreman putting the rebar in on this job.

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