Monday, January 15, 2018

Grain Elevator Demolition with a "Fork"

I have already discussed the old fashioned demolition technique of using a wrecking ball. This posting taught me about a "demolition fork." Ben Stalvey posted several photos with the comment:
So has anyone else ever ran a Manitowoc and used a demolition fork instead of wrecking ball? This was a job in Manitowoc WI taking down the old silo for the Holy Family parking area.

Ben Stalvey 4100 of Essex
Dennis DeBruler How does it work? They obviously first drop it down on top of the silo wall with a tine on each side of the wall. But then what? I don't see another hoist cable attached to it. Do they swing the boom to pull the top of the fork sideways to twist the wall? That would put an exceptional amount of lateral force on the boom.
Ben StalveyGroup Admin They just keep dropping it down. Peeling the sides down.
Dennis DeBruler Thanks. So the impact of the base of the fork hitting the top of the wall crumbles some concrete and rebar. Basically it is an old-fashioned pile driving operation as far as the crane is concerned. (By old-fashioned, I mean the old days when they would lift a heavy weight and then just let it drop. None of today's diesel or vibro stuff.)
Ben StalveyGroup Admin Dennis DeBruler you are correct
Todd Gross Hairpin sheet hammer
Ray Bunton Looks like a clothes pin we used to drive sheet piles with.











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