Thursday, January 4, 2018

IC Branch to Thornton Quarry

While trying to find IC's Homewood Tower in my 2005 SPV RR Atlas, I noticed a branch from the IC yard to the Thornton quarry. Judging from a satellite image, it is now abandoned.

Satellite plus Paint
CSX/B&OCT still goes down the middle and UP+CSX+Amtrak+CP/C&EI goes along the east side. B&OCT still has a spur into the quarry, but I doubt if it is still used. I assume the stone is used in the Chicagoland area, so it would be trucked. The lobe of the quarry north of I-294 is now a reservoir to hold sewage water during and after a big rainstorm.

I added this as a comment to the posting in Homewood Tower.
Nikki Burgess Thornton Spur. Used to spend time riding the caboose on that job when I was a kid. They used to run a lot of rock out of there at one time.

Nikki Burgess Pulled up maybe fifteen years ago now. Maybe twenty

Peter ZimmermannGroup Admin Line used to connect with the C&EI at Thornton as well. B&OCT also used to have a short connecting line off of its Chicago Heights sub main line that connected with the C&EI just a little ways south of the main quarry area.

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