Monday, January 22, 2018

AE&FR: Aurora, Elgin & Fox River Interurban

(Update: content concerning the Fox River Trolley Museum has been moved to these notes.)

I normally don't pay attention to interurban because learning the regular railroads is challenging enough. But this route had an interesting freight remnant. And that remnant had an even more interesting remnant that supports the Fox River Trolley Museum. Plus the route has provided bridges across the Fox River for the Fox River Trail.

The freight remnant went from Coleman Junction with the CN/IC north along the Fox River until it curved west to run parallel along La Fox Street. Where La Fox Street becomes State Street, the tracks became part of the streetcar system in Elgin. That is, the AE&FR did street running. The remnant of the remnant runs south from the Fox River Trolley Museum to Blackhawk Station Fox River Trolley.

David Wilson Flickr 1966 Photo, License: CC BY

Mark Llanuza posted
One the second to the last coal empties going back to the IC Railroad interchange at Coleman Jct at South Elgin IL 1973 heads south coming back from the ILLinois State Hospital going past the Fox River Museum in South Elgin IL.
Dennis DeBruler I learned a lot while researching your photo and caption such as the Aurora, Elgin & Fox River. Thanks for the glimpse into our past. This photo is looking north where the AE&FR quit paralleling La Fox Street and headed towards the river.,-88.../data=!3m1!1e3

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