Wednesday, January 17, 2018

MoW: Dynamic Stabilization and Consolidation

The Plasser American PTS-90 pictured below does stabilization and consolidation. It is an older version of a Plasser&Theurer DGS 90N. This is part of one of two track teams that BNSF unloaded the evening before. Unfortunately, since it was after dark, I did not take my camera that evening. The other track team had an even older model. If I had my camera, I would have pushed the ISO and taken a picture because even a silhouette would have been interesting. It had a huge steel frame with rounded corners at the top. Doug Gilchrist answered my question on my posting about the unit on the right. It is a "one pass [ballast] regulator broom only." Luc Ouellette-Vachon Double broom option.
20171003 6738

Below is a more modern version.

Joe Dockrill posted
[It looks like a KSP 2000 without the ballast processing parts. That is, it has just the "two stabilizing units."]
Mark Gillings posted
Not enough Brandt pictures on here lol. Here, I have a Plasser double broom that was lowboyed and unloaded away from the stabilizer it attaches to. We had to spin it on a wye, too.

Screenshot @ -0:11 of a video of a PTS90 in action
Terry Clark Usually like to see the rock shaking
Joe Dockrill second pass after lining touchup iirc, ground was well penetrated.
Terry Clark I wondered.
Sean Angelo Stabilizer?
Joe Dockrill just a 96000 lb baby one

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