Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Iron Worker's Christmas Tree

An iron worker's Christmas Tree is raising several steel beams and/or posts with one lift.

Leo Bachinski commented on my posting
Leo Bachinski 180 main 150 luf
I asked if tieing several beams to one lift was called a Christmas Tree. He tagged me in a comment on this video:

Leo Bachinski bob i sent royce over to the parking garage with a radio and my camera
Michael Favuzza Good looking Christmas tree..well done
Glenn Frick Catching your boom because the Iron heads overshot the loofer by about 30 feet, Priceless! I could count on 1 hand with a couple fingers docked how many operators could pull that one off. Brown spots all over the Bus, LOL. Mike Penrod says " Damn that would make national headlines. True Story, and Leo pulled that one out of the hole for sure. Literally! [I wish I understood what the "overshot the loofer" meant. Even if "loofer" is "luffer" (the second boom on top of the main boom), I don't understand what he is talking about.]
Doug Brown Gets better every time I watch this
Leo Bachinski Dennis DeBruler

John McCarth posted
2250 flying steel Boston
Ben Stalvey Awesome don't see that often anymore

Jenner Helstrom posted
Charlie C. Belangia II A lot of overkill to set steel. Cannot believe this heavy lift crane was used to set steel!Jason Stump I thought you could only Christmas tree 3?Joe Toth Jason Stump 5 is permittedCharlie Ward :christmas tree" stringing is prohibited in nyc. you get caught, you could lose your license.Johmny Jenkins In Alabama you can still tree the iron but each sling has to go all the way to the hook . No two pieces can load on one sling.Claude Webster Wonder why it has a 2 part line the iron I see there does not need it.
Jenner Helstrom In the photo we are erecting iron to receive 25 ton trusses.Stone Counts So u don't hav to change the block when unloading trucks.
Jenner responded to Charlie's comment on his posting
One of several photos posted by John Hartline
[Notre Dame statadium. ]
They had a 2250 working each end of the stadium.
Clyde Chevalier posted
John Hartline commented on Clyde's posting
[It looks like they hung a lot of iron. And another example of luffer cranes being parked in the jackknife position overnight.]

Update: This gives a whole new meaning to the "christmas tree" concept.
Pete Reid posted
[The comments complained about the worker being under the load. Maybe this will motivate me to post the photos I took of a tower crane being assembled. They did one counterweight at a time.]

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Some of y'all couldn't have worked in the 70s and 80s. Carry on.

Screenshot @ -0:16 posted by Jeremy Schubel
[The comments indicate that the maximum number of members is five and that there must be at least 7' between them.]
But I count six on this line.
Lee Muldoon commented on Jeremy's post
It's tree day

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