Monday, November 27, 2017

Trail/Rock Island over Arkansas River in Little Rock, AR

(Bridge Hunter (a comment provides a nice history and some photos of the swing span being replaced by a lift span in 1970), 3D Satellite)

20181221 7162
The photo is overexposed because the aperture in my Nikon 18-55mm lens broke wide open and I was having trouble compensating for that. The building on the right is the end of the Bill Clinton Library and Museum. (It was closed when we were there because the federal government was shutdown concerning $5 billion for a border wall.)
[Posted as an example of how a lift bridge can be turned into a trail.]

Fourth photo posted by Brian Wunderlick
Note how the trail decking is on an incline so that the lift span can permanently remain in the up position for river traffic.
Street View

Bud McDonald posted
Formally the Rock Island Rail Road Bridge in Little Rock Arkansas, today it's the Clinton presidential park Bridge.

Mark Silverberg posted
About a week ago, I posted a photo of the former Rock Island station in Little Rock from a different angle, one off of the top level of a relatively new downtown parking garage. Here is another shot from the same top deck, just north of the station is the former Rock Island bridge over the Arkansas River.
Paul Chandler That's a cool bridge to walk over

This photo of William J. Clinton Presidential Library is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Michael Young Flickr 1989 Photo, CC BY-NC-SA 2.0
Missouri Pacific tracks in foreground had recently become Union Pacific. Today they're gone. But the bridge survives! See satellite view on map, and links to bridge site, now a part of the Clinton Presidential Library complex.
Thomas R MachnitzkiCC BY 3.0
Clinton Presidential Park Bridge in Little Rock Arkansas.

There are several links at the bottom of this page concerning this bridge.

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