Friday, January 21, 2022

1889,1997 Fayette Station Bridge over New River

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The replacement bridge towers over this bridge.

Fayette Station Bridge was the first bridge to cross the New River in Fayette County, West Virginia. The bridge was a result of the road building process when it was a local issue instead of the jurisdiction of the state and federal levels of government. The bridge eliminated the necessity for travelers to cross the dangerous New River in the gorge. [HAER-data]

Street View

In 1997 they essentially built a replica of the old bridge that incorporated just a few of the old members. They used the original construction techniques of V-laced members and pin connections, but they used bolts instead of rivets. It is interesting how "weird" the bolts make the bridge look. I would have thought they were a small enough detail that it wouldn't be obvious, but they do tend to stick out like a sore thumb.

Street View

Roger Deschner Photo via BridgeHunter,
License: Creative Commons Attribution-Share-Alike (CC BY-SA)

New River Gorge Bridge and Fayette Station Bridge

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