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1931,1954+2023 US-60 Bridges over Ohio River at Smithland, KY

1931: (Bridge Hunter; Historic Bridges; Satellite) Lucy Jefferson Lewis Memorial Bridge
2023: (The truss is still being built in Jan 2022)

This bridge was designed by Modjeski & Masters and has a 500' main span.
C Hanchey Flickr, License: Attribution-NonCommercial (CC BY-NC) 

Lucy Jefferson Lewis Memorial Bridge

Historic Lucy Jefferson Lewis Memorial Bridge on U.S. Hwy 60 over the Cumberland River in Smithland, Livingston County, Kentucky. The Warren through truss bridge was built in 1931 by the Nashville Bridge Company.

This post alerted me to this bridge replacement project:
Marcus Hinman posted two photos with the comment: "M/V Miss Deanna and M/V Maverick topping the bridge around this afternoon in Paducah."
David Miller: Is that the bridge that's going up on the cumberland?
Dennis DeBruler: David Miller To where?
David Miller: Dennis DeBruler smithland


Obviously, the approach spans for the old bridge used steel girders whereas the spans for the new bridge use concrete girders.
Aug 2021 Patrick Gurwell Photo via BridgeHunter

HeraldLedger, Kentucky Transportation Cabinet
$63.6 million contract awarded for U.S. 60 bridge at Smithland
[The article called it a "continuous truss." But a truss with just two piers can't be continuous.]
"Initial work at the site will include a significant maintenance project on the existing 89-year-old structure."

The new span is 700' long and the deck is 40' wide with two 12' lanes and 6' shoulders. That will allow most farm equipment to share the bridge with other vehicles. (The old bridge is 20' wide. Some farm equipment would fill up most of that width.) [wspd, this article also has a time-lapse video of the construction.]

Jan 7, 2022: WaterwaysJournal-rotate
The steel truss of the new $63.6 million Cumberland River bridge rotates in the Tennessee River just off-shore from the Paducah-McCracken County Riverport Authority. The truss must be turned six times during construction. It will then be floated to Smithland, Ky., for installation. (Photo by Scott Swamback/American Bridge Company)
[The 40' wide deck is in a 48' wide truss.]
"Jim Smith Contracting Company and American Bridge Company chose the Paducah-McCracken County Riverport Authority as the construction site in August in part because of the capabilities of its Comansa tower crane. The site is also rarely affected by high-water conditions, allowing work to continue even when Mother Nature might otherwise interfere. The first piece of structural steel was placed September 9."
[This project is evidently too small for the American Bridge Co. to mention on its web site.]
This must be the "Comansa tower crane."
Street View

Kentucky Transportation Cabinet via WaterwaysJournal-started
The drilled shafts under the main piers are 80' long and 8' in diameter.

Image via BridgeHunter

Image via BridgeHunter

I zoomed out and save a satellite image because it caught the river in a flood stage.

I better get some street views while I can.
Street View

Street View

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