Monday, January 3, 2022

NLMK Steel in Portage, IN


While studying the Sharon Steel Corp. in Pennsylvania that is now owned by the Russian company NLMK, I learned that the Russians also own this plant in Indiana. Then the next day I came across this post that referenced it. So this topic tripped my "twice in a couple of days" rule.

Josh Whitson posted
John Slowikowski: Three steel mills in one shot. Midwest steel, the Russians at NLMK [this plant] and the former Bethlehem plant.
[The four white tanks near the center are part of the Cargill Grain Elevator. NLMK is to the left of them at the end of the far slip.]

"NLMK Indiana operates an electric arc furnace, a ladle metallurgy furnace, a continuous slab caster and converts slabs into coils in its hot strip mill. NLMK Indiana is a prime supplier of hot rolled and hot rolled pickle & oil products. NLMK Indiana offers both EAF and integrated melted products, ranging from 1006 through 1095 grades, HSLA grades and various alloy grades. The facility is strategically located in the Port of Indiana on the shores of Lake Michigan, enabling barge shipment as well as truck and rail. The major markets we service are pipe and tube, energy, agriculture, construction, automotive and service centers." [NLMK-Indiana] I think the "integrated melted products" are provided by importing the slabs from Russia. I wonder if  salties dock here.
Raymond Boothe posted
Dumping slag at the NLMK EAF steel shop in Portage, Indiana (NLMK photo).
Raymond Boothe posted
NLMK Steel-Portage, Indiana: View of an EAF in operation (NLMK photo).

Following are some of the photos provided by NLMK on Google Maps between 2007 and 2011.








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