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1940 15mw Buzzard Roost Dam on Saluda River and Lake Greenwood near Chappellis, NC


The powerhouse has three turbines each driving a 5mw generator. The shoreline has 212 miles and shoreline real estate has become a major industry. [dnr]

Screenshot @ 1:21, Dec 2015 flood

One of eight photos posted by Greenwood Aerial Video, LLC
Buzzards Roost Dam in Greenwood, SC late this [Feb 8, 2020] afternoon.

"Submitted" via IndexJournal
Oct 6, 2015: "Dams around the Lakelands are holding strong after the heavy rainfall over the weekend, authorities said Tuesday. Rainfall brought on by Hurricane Joaquin in the Atlantic Ocean caused catastrophic flooding across South Carolina."

Dave Anderson Flickr

Buzzard's Roost Dam (far) Lake Greenwood

Greenwood County has been ordered to expend 15 million to improve the dam so that it is eartrhquake proof. If it should break, I guess a good part of Saluda downstream would flood.

Probably built 1940.

Entered on the Laurens County side of bridge. Nice fishing spot - shame some are such trashers - trash all over the place.

There are three pipes totaling 9,000' along the length of the lake to diffuse oxygen to help Duke Power meet FERS water quality requirements. [MobleyEngineering]

The development of the 212 miles of shoreline is polluting the lake with unwanted vegetation because of runoffs from the many homes. The homeowners are fertilizing their lawns all the way to the shoreline, washing cars and boats near the lake with detergents and not properly maintaining their septic tanks.

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