Thursday, January 6, 2022

I-275 Tampa Bay-St. Petersburg Howard Frankland Bridge and Welcome Tower


Street View
A businessman donated $600,000 to have this 75' tall sign built in 2012 for the Republican National Convention. It will be removed as part of the $800m bridge expansion because it is in the way. [ABCactionNews]

FDOT is rebuilding the existing northbound bridge, which was originally constructed in 1959, and adding capacity to alleviate traffic congestion.

Dustin Soerens posted
Fixed position counterweight
Ben Stalvey
 no it is 1 of 4 that we’re purchasing for the Howard Frankland Bridge project in Tampa.
badge icon
Mike Irish
 nice any MLC 650 or other Manitowocs?
Ben Stalvey
 no 650’s.
2250’s, 14000’s, 888 & 999. About 20 all together.
Oh, and a 4100 in a ring.
If driving pile with it you may want to take off your A2B'S!
Brandon Ahola
 yes they’ll be coming off when we rig out to drive pile.
[So now I'm left with the question of "what are A2B's?"]

The first show of the new Dirty Jobs in Jan 2022 showed laying rebar on a bridge in Tampa. Was it this bridge?

One of three photos posted by The Walsh Group
Archer Western Construction and Traylor Bros., Inc. have surpassed 1,000 piles installed at the Howard Frankland Bridge in Tampa!

The Walsh Group posted a link to Bridge Builders Take Tricky Trip Across Tampa Bay (paycount)
Engineering News-Record gives a detailed report on the three-mile-long bridge structure that #ArcherWestern and Traylor Bros., Inc. are building across Old Tampa Bay. The crews at the Howard Frankland Bridge project have already:
- Driven more than 1,200 of the 3,006 pilings.
- Constructed 120 of the project’s 549 bridge footings.
- Completed 110 of the planned 549 bridge columns.
- Completed 38 of the necessary 226 pier caps.
"We are where we expected to be, on schedule." - Archer Western Project Executive Greg Fullington

"Well-known for its irregularity, Tampa Bay’s geology can vary in seemingly random and isolated spots. For example, on numerous occasions—and as designed—the contractor has had to use the common method of splicing piles to reach bearing capacity. Sometimes, though, Fullington [project executive for the Archer Western-Traylor Bros. joint venture leading construction of the $865m design-build project] says, along the same pier line that required a spliced pile to reach capacity, crews have struggled to drill through rock. That scenario played out in extreme fashion at pier 93, Fullington says, where crews had to drill through rock to get to a minimum tip of 75-78 ft for one pile. Along the same pier, about 50 ft away, however, crews drove spliced piles to approximately 250 ft without getting 'near capacity on it,' he says." They have had to splice more piles than they anticipated so now they are worried about running out of them.

The Walsh Group posted
Superstructure work begins on the Howard Frankland Bridge! ArcherWestern and Traylor Bros., Inc. lift and place the first concrete girder on the project that will cross Old Tampa Bay. More than 1,700 beams will be used, which would stretch 48 miles, if laid end-to-end.

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