Saturday, January 1, 2022

Watco's Fox Valley & Lake Superior Rail System (FOXY)

Rich Karding's post taught me about this CN sale to Watco. A comment on the post provided the FOXY reporting mark for the new railroad, Fox Valley & Lake Superior Rail System, created by Watco to operate these assets. Several of the comments give insight about which customers CN was unable to drive off of their branch lines by providing bad service. The red+blue lines for joint operation must not show up properly on the map because I could not find any. And because FOXY surely has connections between its various blue segments. Of note, WSOR is also a Watco railroad.
Watco via Trains

I was surprised that the map did not show a route to Chicago. I'm sure that CN does not use WSOR to gain access to Chicago. So I found a CN map to show a more complete network. A capacity map is useful because it effectively documents the routes that CN cares about, i.e. the green lines. I wonder if the route to Canada via Sault ste Marie is a lightweight route by today's standards because of the several bridges needed to cross the shipping channels and St. Marys River. Otherwise, I would think that CN would care about that route.

While I was looking for a CN map, I found this diagram. It is worth noting.



  1. Would be worth noting as well that CN retains trackage rights along that section of track into Sault St. Marie as per their press release.

  2. This is exciting, I want to see Watco grow in Wisconsin and bring railroading back to life where CN has let it die. Git r done people.