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Locks #4, #5 & #6 (Twin Flight Locks) and Lock #7 on Welland Canal


These are Locks 4, 5, 6 and 7 of the Welland Canal.

We are looking upbound (South) on the Welland Canal and from Lake Ontario to Lake Erie. Lock 4 is the one nearest to us and Lock 7 is the one "on top of the mountain" in the center.
USACE via Wikipedia

Note that Niagara Falls is east of Lock 7.

Heddle Shipyards posted
Today [Apr 28, 2021] on #nationaldayofmourning we pay tribute to all those who have been killed, injured or suffered illness at work including the 137 Men who died building the Welland Canal. Today we renew our commitment to safety on the job.

[This reference has maps of all four canals and some more pictures of today's canal.]
Screenshot from video posted by Mohamed Seghir Lahdiri
Welland Canal
Itoldyou Eh How far ahead do you have your loading schedule ?
Mohamed Seghir Lahdiri Two weeks ahead

Port of Thunder Bay posted
While the Seaway Locks are shutdown, they are inspected, repaired and any worn parts are replaced. The locks usually reopen around the last week of March, allowing ships to resume travel between Lake Superior and other Great Lake.

Clarence Vautier posted
[There were no informative comments. It appears to be entering the downstream lock of the two-flight locks. I wonder how often they do "left-hand" running.]

This view is downbound.
One of fifteen photos posted by Bubby Dzz
Three Algoma’s (Transport, Niagara and Captain. Henry Jackman) in the Welland Canal flight locks 4, 5, and 6.
[Captain Henry Jackman is upbound in Lock 6, but I can't read the name on the ship that is downbound. Another upbound ship is going from Lock 4 to Lock 5.]

Terry Doyon posted
SEAWAY QUEEN inbound in Canal leaving Lock #6 - 1st trip of the season. Towed to India for scrap in 2004. ALGOPORT outbound in Lock #6 - broke in half and went down in the East China Sea in September, 2009 while being towed to a Chinese shipyard to receive a new forebody. Photo taken on Sept. 27, 1997. Terry Doyon photo.
Brian Brooks: Worked on her sister ship Frank A. Sherman. These lakers were not designed to be ocean going vessels.
[A  3:41 YouTube video about the sinking of the Algoport.]

Bill Bird posted some pictures about the triple locks being shut down because of an oil spill. He also had some pictures showing that Lake Ontario was higher than normal.
Arrived Sunday to find the Welland Canal closed. It had been that way since Saturday afternoon. Federal Cedar is stuck in Lock 5 East.

The problem was an oil leak in the flight locks due to the malfunctioning of canal equipment. A boom was placed at the north end of Lock 4 east.

Workers test the water to make sure the spillage is contained.

Even when traffic resumed shortly after noon Sunday, Federal Cedar stayed put. Downbound ships used the west side of the locks meaning upbounders would have to wait. It wasn't until after supper that Federal Cedar would be underway.

Among those held up was Tim S Dool seen here entering Lock 7.

Dool had a cargo of iron ore for Arcelor Mittal Dofasco in Hamilton.
Terry Doyon posted, cropped
ALGOCEN below Lock 4 in the Welland Canal on Sept. 29, 1004.
Bob Glazauskis: I bet the Vikings were impressed! [I bet the date should be 1994 instead of 1004.]
Dennis DeBruler: The background has a nice view of the Twin Flights.
One of seven photos of Winter work in 2022
[The three excavators and a crane are out-of-frame on the bottom right where they are taking out a high spot. The other photos show that work.]
Steve Waller posted
***Three Ship Thursday***
Flight Locks Trio on 2012-0806
The warship is HMCS Ville de Quebec.  The downbound ship is Algoma Spirit.  I don't know which ship is upbound.

Screenshot, a video from inside Lock 4 (source)
Screenshot of a chemical/petroleum tanker leaving Lock 4 east.

1 of 13 photos posted by Michel Gosselin
Viking Octantis is approaching/entering lock 7 on May 1, 2022. These are just few pictures that I’ve taken that day. It was hard to pick a few.
[I believe the ship is entering Lock #6 from #5 and the photos was taken from #7. It was obviously taken with a long telephoto lens thus the length of the lock looks rather short.]

Two of the six photos posted by Bobby Dzz with the comment: "A few shots of John J Boland and Sveva lock 4 Welland Canal  May 5, 2022"


Janey Anderson posted five photos with the comment:
A few of you noted yesterday that a number of ships were in anchorage waiting to go upbound in the Welland Canal. The reason - CN Rail is doing maintenance on Bridge #6 closing the east side of the flight locks for a few days. The delays are continuing today as work is still in progress - will update later.
Photos taken by Captain Alain M. Gindroz yesterday downbound on Americaborg through the Welland Canal.
Thanks Captain! Safe sailing today!
Tom Goodyer: I wonder who pays for the “waiting charges?” Charter rates for ships have gone through the roof! A 8500 TEU container ship is in excess of $100,000 per day.
Glynn R Green: Tom GoodyerThe same people who pay for delays for highway construction and for bridge crossings to US...
[The Seaway does close in the Winter. That is when maintenance is supposed to be done.]





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