Wednesday, January 12, 2022

1952 US-62+641 Cumberland River or Eureka Highway Bridge

(Bridge Hunter; Historic Bridges; B&TBlog; Satellite)

This bridge was built when US-62 was rerouted over the Kentucky Dam. The reroute replaced a ferry service at Iuka, KY. [B&T]

20141218 0069, cropped

My wife grabbed a photo as we started to drive over it.

I include this photo because the 18-wheeler helps provide scale.

"Due to the cantilevered design of this bridge, the "main span" is calculated on the length of the main truss, thus the 700 ft main span. However, due to piers that are part of the cantilevered design, the navigation span is only 350 ft. Yeah, it sounds crazy, but that's the way it is calculated." [Keith todd comment on BridgeHunter]

Postcard via BridgeHunter

It still has rivets, but very little v-lacing.
Street View

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