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1922+2016 Ironton-Russell Bridges over Ohio River (2016: Oakley Clark Collins)

2016: (Bridge Hunter; B&T; 3D Satellite) Oakley Clark Collins Memorial Bridge

Street View, Apr 2012

OhioPix via BridgeHunter-1922
Caption reads: "Bridge over Ohio River between Ironton, Ohio and Russell, Ky. Dedicated and thrown open for traffic April 21, 1922. Built complete in 274 days at cost of $700,000." Erected by the Ironton-Russell Bridge Company, the cantilever Ironton-Russell Bridge was the first highway bridge to cross the Ohio River in the area between the cities of Parkersburg, West Virginia and Cincinnati, Ohio. View on Ohio Memory.
Image ID: SA1039AV_B01F18_023_001

"The bridge is monitored 24/7 by a strain gauge system installed a few years ago. Weight limits were maintained way above the minimum (3 ton) due to a study from the strain gauges, after ODOT was considering reducing the limits to 3 ton. The Ironton-Russell Bridge when constructed was the ONLY Ohio River crossing between Wheeling, WV (Wheeling Suspension Bridge) and Cincinnati, OH (Roebling Bridge)." [2007 Michael L. Blair comment on Bridge-Hunter-1922] (B&T states Parkersburg, WV, instead of Wheeling.)

"The bridge is closed in sub zero weather because it could collapse in those temperature." [2008 Melissa Gray comment on Bridge-Hunter-1922]

It was demolished in 2017 after the cable-stayed bridge opened.

Street View from Ohio Side

"3-span cable-stayed, with reinforced concrete edge girders. Both approach spans 370 feet each, plus 900-foot channel span. Being built at a cost of $81.4 million dollars (high end $90 million dollars). Contains two Delta-shaped towers with baffle plates and cable ties. Both towers 300.72 feet above river pool, 216.22 above deck. Supported by 120 steel cables between towers, 15 wrapped pairs on Ohio back span, 15 wrapped pairs on Kentucky back span, 30 wrapped pairs on channel span. One abutment with 2 piers on Kentucky span, one abutment with 4 piers on Ohio back span, both Delta towers in river." [BridgeHunter-2016]

Bridges & Tunnels with Sherman Cahal posted two photos with the comment:
The Oakley Clark Collins Memorial Bridge, which opened to motorists in November 2016, connects Ironton, Ohio, and Russell, Kentucky. The 315-foot high concrete towers and cables reflect in a still and blue-hued Ohio River on a brisk November evening near sunset.
[The B&T-2016 web page includes many construction photos.]


The original design had one 500' tower. The constructed design using two 315' towers was a cost reduction. [B&T-2016]

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