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1960 Ogdensburg-Prescott International Bridge between New York and Ontario

(Bridge Hunter; Historic Bridges; no B&T; Satellite)

"The Seaway Skyway is one of the longest bridges over the Saint Lawrence River. It is also one of the most unusual. The Seaway Skyway has a main span that is a suspension bridge supported by Warren pony trusses. However, the bridge also features an extensive approach system composed of a variety of deck truss types. Additionally, the entire bridge has a steel grating deck instead of an asphalt surface, something that is generally only found on historic truss bridges and moveable bridges. It is even more uncommon for a steel grating to be found on a suspension bridge." [BridgeHunter]

Postcard via BridgeHunter

2018 Jann Mayer Photo via BridgeHunter, License: Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY)

"According to the American Bridge Company, the main towers for this bridge are 243 feet (74 meters) tall. The cable bents are 106 feet (32 meters) tall. The truss spans are 15 feet (4.57 meters) deep and 36 feet (11 meters) wide. The two main cables are 11.75 inches (286 millimeters) in diameter composed of 37 wire rope strands. The main cables have an aluminum filler and wrapped with number nine wire." [HistoricBridges]

Janey Anderson posted
Ogdensburg-Prescott International Bridge

None of the street view car drivers were willing to go through customs so I can't get a photo of a tower using street view. Fortunately, one of the many photos Jann took while on a boat was of one of the towers.
2018 Jann Mayer Photo via BridgeHunter, License: Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY)

HistoricBridges points out that this bridge uses cable bent piers to reduce the height of the anchor piers and that the approach has a curve. One of Jann's photos captures both of these features.
2018 Jann Mayer Photo via BridgeHunter, License: Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY)

1 of 4 photos and a video posted by Carl Burkett
Expecting her at the Port at about 3:00, I just about missed the uniquely designed OCEAN EXPLORER as she passed beyond the Ogdensburg-Prescott International Bridge at about 2:15

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