Tuesday, December 13, 2022

1866+1981 Cannon Street Railway Bridge over River Thames in London, UK

Bridge: (Satellite)
Station: (Satellite, 518 photos)

Jose Jimenez posted
“Controller’s view from the top of Cannon St station, London c. 1923”
Todd Horton: What does it look like today?
Dennis DeBruler: Todd Horton Facebook will no longer allow me to attach an image to a comment, but if you access this link you should be able to see what I found. https://goo.gl/maps/PXYsyYZi568z5rja9

Fortunately, I can still add images to the blog.
3D Satellite

Sidewalk View

Street View caught a couple of trains on the bridge.
Street View

The station is not only a railway station, but it is also a subway station.

"Cannon Street station and its accompanying bridge over the Thames opened in 1866. The station served as the new terminus of the South-Eastern Railway, which had originally run into London Bridge. British Rail reconstructed the bridge in 1981 and an office block was built over the station later in the same decade." [hidden-london]
3D Satellite

On the west side of the station looking South towards the river.
Street View, May 2015

Looking the other direction, North.
Street View

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